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Environmental Awareness Lectures for Schools

The Palestine Society for Environment and Sustainable Development held educational awareness lectures and hikes for the "ecology clubs" in Bethlehem, Jericho and the Northern Jordan Valley as part of a series of programs for raising awareness.

This event was implemented in cooperation with the Environmental Quality Authority and with the support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation through the Mahmiyat project.

The lectures, given by the Executive Director of the Society, Mr. Saed Al Shomaly, were regarding biodiversity and the importance of protecting nature and its various components. Furthermore, a detailed explanation was given on how to use the website and how to benefit from its environmental information. One of the many llectures, which targeted over 250 students, included an introduction to the agricultural importance of the barn owl in the Jordan Valley.

Field trips were also implemented in the project, such as a 7 -km hike in the Jerusalem Wilderness and Mar Saba Monastery (one of the oldest monasteries in the world). The ecology club supervisor, Mr. Amer Mosleh, and the director of the outreach department at the Environmental Authority, Ms. Naama Kanaan, were participating as well.