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The 2022 Joint Program of Journalism Students from Germany and Israel

Unsurprisingly, German - Israeli relations are multi-layered. Hanns Seidel Foundation believes in responsibility to ensure ongoing relations between future generations of Germans and Israelis while creating positive, shared topics with a common denominator and enabling to learn and benefit from each other.

In this program, as with others, we focus on future agents of change and young professionals. Along with our partners Deutsche Journalistenschule in Munich and the Dan Department of Communication at Tel Aviv University, we established a joint program for future journalists. This year, after a break caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we relaunched the program. Students from both places spent time in each others countries, were introduced to various journalistic approaches and positions, exposed to social, economic, and cultural aspects of each society and spent hours filming, interviewing and editing. The students were teamed up in groups composed of students from both countries, and produced their own journalistic documentation focusing this year on the elderly.

Picture by Michael Scheyer.

The products of the 2022 program can be viewed here: