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For democracy, peace and development

With 90 projects across 75 countries

Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) is a German non-profit organization dedicated to promoting democracy, peace, and development. Funded by the German federal parliament Bundestag, HSF operates from its headquarters in Munich and extends support to approximately 90 projects across 75 countries worldwide, including Israel and the West Bank.

In Jerusalem

HSF has been actively engaged in Israel since 1979 and in the West Bank since 1994. Through its project office in Jerusalem, HSF strives to enhance understanding within the Middle East Peace Process and facilitate sustainable development in rural regions, with a particular focus on promoting environmental awareness. To achieve these objectives, the dedicated team at HSF Jerusalem collaborates closely with a diverse array of national and international partners spanning various sectors. Moreover, HSF extends German academic scholarships to students and young scholars hailing from both Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

With a conservative and conservationist approach

HSF maintains a close association with the conservative political party Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU) and is named in the honor of Hanns Seidel, the former CSU Chairman and Prime Minister of Bavaria. Its work looks “gratefully backwards, courageously forwards, and faithfully upwards” (Franz Josef Strauss) and includes protecting the natural environment through conservationism and sustainable use.


Update, 08.10.2023

HSF Jerusalem condemns all forms of terrorism in the strongest terms. With our thoughts and prayers we are with all the victims of this current war.

Due to the recent escalation of the Gaza–Israel conflict, our office is closed for the public. We can be reached here. Thank you for your understanding.


Fly bird, fly! Freeing a rescued white stork: the latest video of Mahmiyat's ornithologist Saed Shomaly has gone viral on Facebook. For the full version see here.

Partner videos

Israel Museum; Israel Museum

THIS is the Israel Museum! Partner video by the Israel Museum from 2022.

0202; 0202

Points of View from Jerusalem. Partner video by 0202 from 2017. For an English version see 0202 - Who We Are


Humans of the Abraham Initiatives. Partner video by the Initiatives from 2019.

Mahmiyat; Mahmiyat

On the Common Swift bird in Bethlehem. Partner video by Mahmiyat from 2021.


How do we remember? Video project with Deutsche Journalistenschule and Tel Aviv University from 2022. You will find more joint videos here.


Video of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature of Jordan from 2023 about managing protected areas and promoting ecotourism. HSF Jerusalem collaborates with the Society on training Palestinian decision makers and practicioners.

Bayern; Bayern

The Free State of Bavaria: tradition-conscious, modern and cosmopolitan. Image film (in German) of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy from 2017. Since years, HSF Jerusalem has collaborated with several Bavarian ministries in numerous fields.


Awakening enthusiasm for democracy is the core task of HSF and of all political foundations in Germany. Official video with HSF President Markus Ferber MEP (in German) from 2022.


Why did you choose HSF's scholarship program? Scholarship holder testimonial (in German) from 2022. You will find more testimonials here.