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HSF engages in collaborative efforts with project partners across diverse sectors to promote sustainable development in the Middle East.

Embracing a comprehensive approach to cooperation, HSF's collaborations span various levels of society, encompassing local grassroots initiatives in both rural and urban areas, regional and national projects, as well as international and global dialogues. These projects are not isolated entities, but rather interconnected and mutually reinforcing, synergistically contributing to HSF's goals.

In essence, the Foundation actively collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders, including individuals, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions such as schools, national colleges, and universities, as well as ministries, parliaments, and international entities. This collaborative effort reflects the Foundation's steadfast commitment to serving democracy, peace, and development.

Team HSF Jerusalem maintains a close collaborative relationship with the following organizations in Israel, the West Bank, and on an international level:

In Israel


Israel Museum - the Israel Museum is the largest cultural institution in the State of Israel and is ranked among the world’s leading art and archaeology museums. The Ruth Youth Wing for Art Education fosters intercultural understanding between Palestinian and Jewish students.

Citizens' Accord Forum - the non-partisan Citizens' Accord Forum was founded by former Israeli Minister of Social & Diaspora Affairs, Rabbi Michael Melchior. It aims to reduce extreme polarization and create a shared society for both Jewish and Arab citizens.

Abraham Initiatives - the Abraham Initiatives is a leading non-partisan, non-profit Jewish- and Palestinian-Israeli organization that advances social inclusion and equal rights for all of Israel's citizens. It is the only shared society organization with a permanent presence in the Knesset.

Tel Aviv University - the Tel Aviv University is the largest public research university in Israel. HSF has collaborated with the school on its German-Israeli journalism exchange program. You will find some of the joint German-Israeli video productions at YouTube.

Merchavim - Merchavim, the Institute for the Advancement of Shared Citizenship in Israel, is an Israeli nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting diversity, inclusion, and greater fairness in classrooms, communities, and society.

I’lamI’lam - Arab Center for Media Freedom, Development and Research is a non-profit NGO based in Nazareth. The main goal of I’lam is to contribute to a shared society, by promoting media rights among minorities in Israel.

Shatil - Shatil is leading social change in Israel, promoting a shared society based on social, economic and environmental justice, human and civil rights, and cultural pluralism.

University of Haifa - the University of Haifa is home to students from all sectors of Israeli society. HSF partnered with the Hebrew Reali School in Haifa and the Ignaz-Taschner-Gymnasium in Dachau to establish bilateral teacher working groups, as per the recommendation of the joint German-Israeli Textbook Commission.

Tel-Hai College - Tel-Hai College is a leading public academic college in Israel and an engine of change for the educational, economic and social development of the Upper Galilee.

0202 - 0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem addresses three major communities in Jerusalem: Palestinians of East Jerusalem, secular and religious Jews of West Jerusalem, and Haredi Jews of West Jerusalem. 0202 argues that the fundamental differences between these communities can also be a source of prosperity, complexity, and depth.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem - the European Forum at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and HSF work on Israel-German relations and their academic aspects. HSF has supported research, opinion polls and academic events on this topic.

In the West Bank


Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities - the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and HSF collaborated to integrate ecotourism into the planning of Local Governments located near nature reserves. The focus of their projects is on promoting the economic development of villages while also contributing to the conservation objectives of the nature reserves.

Environment Quality Authority - with the Environment Quality Authority, which is the Palestinian Ministry of Environment, efforts were made to enhance the institutional and professional capabilities of Palestinian organizations and individuals, including the Environmental Police.

Palestine Society for Environment and Sustainable Development - the Palestine Society for Environment and Sustainable Development is dedicated to protecting endangered birds and wildlife and promoting community awareness of the social, environmental, and cultural significance of the region's flora and fauna.

Mahmiyat - was launched in 2016 and became the first and only web presence for Palestinian nature reserves and ecotourism trails until today.

Arab Tour Guides Union - the Arab Tour Guides Union is a syndicate that trains Palestinian tour guides and offers courses with HSF on ecotourism, including natural and cultural heritage.

Municipal authorities - via the Palestine Ecotourism Society several municipal authorities in the West Bank collaborate with HSF on ecotourism and sustainable development in rural areas.

Environment Police - since its establishment in 2019, HSF has supported capacity building programs of the Palestinian Environment Police through its project partners.


Orwa Younis; Orwa Younis

Deutscher Bundestag - The Bundestag is the German federal parliament. HSF Jerusalem is fully Bundestag funded and it proudly supports the parliament's official scholarship program. It is also in close exchange with German members of parliament.

Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature - The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature manages Jordan's protected areas, preserving biodiversity and supporting community growth, while also mobilizing public support for environmental conservation in Jordan and neighboring countries through MENA projects and capacity building initiatives.

Deutsche Journalistenschule - The Deutsche Journalistenschule (DJS) is one of the most renowned journalism schools in Germany. HSF Jerusalem has supported a DJS exchange program for journalism students from Germany and Israel in the past. You will find some of the joint video productions at the DJS YouTube channel.

European Leadership Network - The European Leadership Network brings together leaders to foster close relations between Europe and Israel. HSF Jerusalem has collaborated with the Network on the "Germany-Israel Strategic Forum" in 2020 and on an European Summit in 2021.

Bavarian State Government - Since years, the Foundation has collaborated with Bavarian ministries in numerous fields, including the Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection and the Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Culture. The former is the oldest (since 1970) ministry of environment worldwide and stands for conservationism and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Munich Security Conference - HSF Germany closely collaborates with the Munich Security Conference, the world's most important independent annual conference on international security policy.


If your organization wants to collaborate with HSF on one of its focus areas, please first check "How can my organization become a partner of HSF Jerusalem?" on the FAQ page and then contact the HSF Management Team at jerusalem(at) with a specific project proposal.