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Focus Areas

HSF is committed to democracy, peace and embodying a holistic approach within the realm of development cooperation.

HSF Jerusalem strives to foster better understanding within the context of the Middle East Peace Process, promote sustainable development in rural areas, and raise environmental awareness in the West Bank. This is achieved through initiatives that encourage dialogue and mutual understanding between Jewish and Arab communities, facilitate civil society engagement, promote sustainable development practices in rural regions, enhance environmental expertise, and preserve nature reserves. Furthermore, HSF actively strengthens international exchange on these matters, including via scholarships.

For further details regarding HSF's collaborations on these topics, please see here.

Jewish-Arab understanding


HSF is actively promoting mutual understanding between Jews and Arabs through its support for projects that encourage the exchange of ideas and facilitate joint activities. HSF firmly believes that fostering awareness and knowledge about different social groups is crucial in cultivating understanding and fostering collaboration within civil society.

To ensure the successful implementation of Jewish-Arab projects, HSF collaborates with local partner organizations that possess extensive experience in this domain and employ highly skilled professionals. These projects primarily consist of workshops and encounters, with a significant portion of them occurring in Jerusalem.

Civil society participation

I'lam; I'lam

HSF is fully committed to advancing democratic participation in both Israel and the West Bank. It provides support to local organizations, enabling them to conduct capacity-building workshops, projects, and conferences that empower individuals within civil society to actively engage in democratic processes.

The Foundation's overarching objective is to reinforce democratic structures and principles by enhancing communication and collaboration between representatives from civil society and government authorities. Moreover, HSF places a special emphasis on nurturing the development of young leaders, equipping them to become active contributors and catalysts for democracy, peace and development at all levels.

Sustainability and environmental awareness


HSF is dedicated to advancing sustainable development in rural areas and promoting environmentally conscious practices in the West Bank. This is accomplished by enhancing the institutional and professional capabilities of Palestinian organizations and individuals in the West Bank. As part of the German steadfast commitment to regional stabilization and development, HSF assumes an augmented role in assisting the Palestinians in effectively conserving, managing, and sustainably benefiting from their natural resources.

For further information, please refer to the HSF Factsheet, which provides detailed insights into the projects implemented in the West Bank.

International dialogue


For nearly five decades, the Foundation has garnered a notable reputation as a trusted global partner in international capacity building, development policy exchange, and fostering connections with Bavaria, Germany and Europe. This includes facilitating delegation visits, study trips, and international scholarships.

All project activities of HSF Jerusalem share a common objective of nurturing dialogue among significant stakeholders from Israel, the West Bank, and Germany. This international dialogue seamlessly intersects with other ongoing projects, serving as an integrated "cross-cutting theme" within HSF's overall work.